A Broken Puzzle Film


Rachael Ankers
Emily Ardley
Trevor Dunn
Janice Florence
Zoe Hunter
Sarah Mainwaring
Libby Maitland
Paul Matley
Ryan New
Noelle Rees-Hatton
Antony Riddell
Ariel Verona


Film-maker, choreographer, technical effects – Dianne Reid
Lighting design -Jenny Hector
Lighting operation - Roxzan Bowes.
Technical assistant -Tanya Uscinas (student intern)

A broken puzzle was a short film created in collaboration with film maker and choreographer Dianne Reid, screened at ‘The Other Film Festival’ in 2010. This collaboration began as a film project. We worked with ways of seeing and looking at each other. Each dancer also became a camera and explored moving the 'frame' of what they could see in relation to the dancing body. This film invites the viewer to (metaphorically) put the pieces together - the complexities of our lives, the many events, emotions and circumstances that make up the whole, and the idea of having to pull things apart to understand and appreciate them. By reminding the audience of their unique perspective of the live event we hope to underline the ideas about point of view and everyone's inherent "difference".
“A Broken Puzzle shows us dance transcends and uplifts, reveals strengths and fragilities, and captures the rhythms of moving human bodies.”
Jordan Beth Vincent, The Age
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