Sense of Place


Anthony Riddell
Emma Norton
David Baker
Greg Muir
Janice Florence
Trevor Dunn


Co-Direction & Movement: Janice Florence
Co-Direction & Sensory Theatre: Zya Kane
Sound design & Operation: Lisa Greenaway
Media & Projection design: TAN Kang Wei
Lighting design & Operation: Emma Lockhart-Wilson
Creative Producer: Takashi Takiguchi
Documentation & Excerpt:  TAN Kang Wei
Photography: Paul Dunn
Forest Therapy Practitioner: Leesa Nash

Dancehouse, Carlton North - Melbourne on 29 May 2022. This was a first stage creative development concerned with our human connection to place, bringing in the element of Sensory Theatre. How do we explore this connection through our five senses? It took place over May 2022 with a small showing at the end to an invited audience of peers and friends.
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