Mapping Melbourne Festival


Janice Florence
Trevor Dunn
Leisa Prowd
David Baker
Greg Muir 
Emma Norton
Anthony Ridell
Willow J Conway 
Zya Kane


Directed by Yumi Umimare

An excerpt from 'Wannabe A Rabbit- Part Two' was performed at the Melbourne Museum on the 1st of December 2019 as part of the Mapping Melbourne Festival from Multicultural Arts Victoria. The festival celebrated Australia's unique Asian Australian identity and international creative connections with multimedia art exhibitions, events and performances at different locations across the city. The excerpt performed utilised the interior architecture of the Melbourne Museum foyer, engaging Museum goers and drawing a great crowd. This excerpt was a taster for a larger performance to come at the beginning of 2021.
This show unravels the human compulsion to categorise and distance difference.
Janice Florence, Artistic Director of Weave Movement Theatre.
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