Wannabe A Rabbit


Janice Florence
Trevor Dunn
David Baker
Greg Muir
Leisa Prowd
Emma Norton
Anthony Riddell
Willow J Conway


Director: Yumi Umiumare
Sound designer: Dan West
Costume designer: Matilda Woodroofe
Lighting designer: Jennifer Hector
Installation artist: Pimpisa Tinpalit

Wannabe a Rabbit? was directed and Choreographed by Yumi Umiumare in collaboration with Weave Movement Theatre. A fusion of Butoh and Physical Theatre, the work moved between the surreal and absurd; humorously reversing the perceptions of difference. Wannabe A Rabbit? invites audiences on an investigation between the surreal and the absurd; exploring universal human themes like: Will I ever be perfect? Am I invisible? How do I get out of here? My sheets need a wash. It’s dark. Is that a rabbit? Surfacing in reaction to the atrocities caused post World War II and initially referred to as the ‘Dance of Darkness’, Butoh converges themes of naturism and humanism. ButohOUT! intends to activate the spirit of Butoh through the local and national, contemporary dance community.
“Their strength lies in the performers’ ability to make the banal magical.”
 Hilary Crampton, The Age
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