Will You Go Round With Me?


Emily Ardley
David Baker
Trevor Dunn
Janice Florence
Melanie Keely
Greg Muir
Ryan New
Emma Norton
Leisa Prowd
Anthony Riddell
Melinda Smith
Karen Veldhuizen


Kat Worth - Choreographer
Janice Florence - Weave Artistic Director
Alta Trumen - Cinematography
Okkey Sumiyoshi - Composer
Screen Production by Alta Truden
Soundtrack by Stephanie Harrison

Supported by the City of Melbourne, this short dance film, Will you go round with me? (2015) brings to life a suspended setting caught in the middle of comings and goings, where meetings, rendezvous and intimacies unfold. The launch of Will you go round with me? at La Mama theatre in Carlton included live performance elements from the film’s choreography. 
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